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Production Process

Incoming Inspection

incomming inspection

① IQC inspection on size, ga, coating, and weld line.

Automatic Cutting

auto cutting

② High speed automated cutting process precision at ±0.01''.

Punching & Drilling

Punching & Drilling

③ Automated punching and drilling machine precision at ±0.02'', no dents or burrs left on material.

Zinc-rich Phosphating


④ Seven stage pre-treatment with zinc-rich phosphate remove rust and oil, ensure superior adhesion. 

Robotic Welding


⑤ Robotic welders for ensure consistent quality and short lead time.


Primer Coating


⑥ Zinc riched primer powder coating cover all welds and cut edges. 

Finish Coating


⑦ Polyester powder coating with exceptional corrosion resistance & UV resistant reliability.


Final Inspection


⑧ FQC test on adhesion before packing ensures only the best products will be delivered. 


Pallet Packing

Pallet packing

⑨ Palletized packaging guarantees the integrity of the product delivered.


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